WD My Cloud Home set up, HELP!!!

So I got a new (my first) 4TB NAS yesterday and spent all last nigh trying to accomplish what I though would take a few minutes! It’s a Western Digital MyCloud Home 4TB, plugged directly into my Google WiFi puck (main device). I presume I should select network share, and after that I’ve named it, typed in the log in e-mail address and password for the WD NAS but cannot see anything. I eventually got a public folder, but it was empty (there is no folder by that name on the NAS)

I have obviously transferred all of my Movie/TV show files successfully to the NAS. My previous infuse set up was a standard portable 4tb drive plugged into TP link router by USB, so the whole NAS thing has me lost.

I see people have had trouble with this in the past but cannot see any resolutions.

I can set up plex in the nas as a server and it will see everything, will set up fine and work as it should, BUT I want INFUSE!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated otherwise my Wife and kids are gonna be neglected and ignored this weekend while listening to repeated expletives from me trying to fix this!

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