WD My Cloud Home set up, HELP!!!

So I got a new (my first) 4TB NAS yesterday and spent all last nigh trying to accomplish what I though would take a few minutes! It’s a Western Digital MyCloud Home 4TB, plugged directly into my Google WiFi puck (main device). I presume I should select network share, and after that I’ve named it, typed in the log in e-mail address and password for the WD NAS but cannot see anything. I eventually got a public folder, but it was empty (there is no folder by that name on the NAS)

I have obviously transferred all of my Movie/TV show files successfully to the NAS. My previous infuse set up was a standard portable 4tb drive plugged into TP link router by USB, so the whole NAS thing has me lost.

I see people have had trouble with this in the past but cannot see any resolutions.

I can set up plex in the nas as a server and it will see everything, will set up fine and work as it should, BUT I want INFUSE!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated otherwise my Wife and kids are gonna be neglected and ignored this weekend while listening to repeated expletives from me trying to fix this!

For me I use a browser on a computer and go to an address like wdmycloud.local and then you set up users with passwords and also set up shares and permissions.

That’s to start, and don’t use DLNA to connect to the WD, I have great luck with SMB.

I created a user just for Infuse so I could isolate that from other users.

Appreciate the response, but cannot find that URL anywhere, doesn’t seem to exist. If I sign into mycloudhome online, I can see I’m a user and it give me the option to “add user”, but if I type in an e-mail address it just says “invite?”. I’m not sue what all this means, and I cant see anywhere to set up shares, permissions etc. Very new to this. Do you have mycloud OR mycloud home…?

I have the MyCloud, doesn’t the home version have some type of local management instead of having to go to an online source?

Just read through the MyCloud home manual and I have no idea on how to approach the set up for using with Infuse. Hopefully someone who has worked with one will chime in here. Sorry. I would really have no use for the Home version with the dependency on internet connections. The plain vanilla single bay MyCloud works fine for me but have been looking at some of the Synology line as a possible addition.

Thank you! Really appreciate you trying. Would I be right in saying if I use infuse app off the plex server on the NAS, I am then in fact using the infuse player, and not the plex native Apple player? Some of my files are 20-25gb, want to avoid putting any stress on the NAS

Unless you really need or want some of the Plex specific features I’d work on figuring out how to use Infuse directly. I don’t use Plex and for me the Infuse feature set is preferable to having to manage another media server on a headless machine.

Does your google system have an admin webpage or app??? Can u figure out the ip address to the NAS??? Also in the dhcp of your google wifi you should reserve the NAS to that address so it never changes.

Once thats done you should be able to type the ip address into infuse with your login credentials and the shares should show up.

ALSO try changing the smb version if there is an option to do that in the NAS. make sure its on the default workgroup.

Also try enabling FTP in the nas and use that with infuse.


I brought one of these thinking I could do exactly what your wanting. I can’t find a way to do that other than via Plex app on nas.
The NAS doesn’t work like a normal nas with dnla or smb.
If you find a way let me know but I have reverted back to my old Seagate NAS for the moment. Going to save up for a new nas and try move the mycloud home on.

I was very angry with myself for not checking before buying, but thought it would do what a normal nas does!!!

Wow, the WD My Cloud Home sucks!!! Doesn’t have Samba or FTP, it’s basically worthless other than their app ecosystem.

Here’s the comparison to their old My Cloud which is far superior: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/19592/~/differences-between-my-cloud-and-my-cloud-home

It’s amazing how crippled the home version really is. My old series just keeps on keeping on and runs issue free.

flashf1, you may have the makings of a boat anchor from what the links show.

On the bright side, it does appear to be filled with WD red drives. So you could just rip it out of their and plop it into a real NAS.

It appears they made this “NAS” for noobs and non-tech savvy people that can’t properly allocate and IP address in their router and map a network drive. Everything works through the app you install on your computer, and when you take the laptop out of the home, the NAS seems to work just as well outside the home. The only real setup you do is install the app on your PC. I think they disabled smb, ssh and ftp on purpose because WD takes control of security, you don’t get much in the way of options for setting up multiple users and passwords. Because of the lack of credentials due to using the app, if they left smb, ftp and ssh enabled, it would be a security nightmare.

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone for contributing, and apologies for the late reply, was away for the weekend. Can’t believe the lack of features on this unit! I set up the PLEX server on the Nas last night and separated into TV shows and Movies and was very easy to edit, and it organized as expected. I then logged onto the server on INFUSE on the Apple TV 4K and everything worked well, speedy starting, flawless playback, scrubbing with thumbnail etc. I ONLY will use this NAS tucked away in a cupboard wired to my router for INFUSE use, nothing else. Now that I have it working, are there any issues using INFUSE this way (off a plex server)? Some of the files I have are 20-25GB in size, but all worked fine last night, including some 4k. Lossless audio is not a concern for me.

*ONE gripe - I cant seem to separate the KIDS movies folder from the MOVIES folder!!!

Thanks again

Yea i think Plex tgrough infuse is your best bet, because it’ll direct play virtually everything so you dont have to worry about the NAS struggling to transcode.

Plex works for a source for Infuse, but it seems the WD My Cloud Home has a public share outside of all the app control stuff. Very limited, believe intended for Windows and Apple backup, but seems unlimited in size. Need to Map in W10 to get it to show up, but once it does show up in Explorer you can copy stuff there and Infuse can access it directly if you don’t want to use the built in Plex server. Can’t move files from Plex directory to public directory unfortunately, have to copy over and it’s a slow process. Agree with all the comments, WD let the side down big time by not making the very restrictive nature of the device more apparent and upfront.

So this WD NAS it’s not a good choice to work with Infuse? I was considering this option but now not so sure. Can u point me to a good choice? Thank you.

QNAP, Synology, or ever the WD Mycloud (non-Home) version are fine.

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I’ll second what gggplaya said

Just stay away from the MyCloud Home version.

I have a plain MyCloud that’s been playing with Infuse for years with no issues and I recently introduced a Synology DS920+ and it’s outstanding with Infuse.

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