WD My Cloud Home - Is there still problems?

Hi! :slight_smile:

Currently thinking about getting an WD My Cloud Home for use with Infuse on the ATV4K , but i have read some where that there where issues with it?

Is there still problems or have they been solved?

It would be 4K rips that it should serve to the ATV4K… :slight_smile:

What problem are you referring to? I’ve been running a MyCloud for a couple of years problem free.

Most issues are the results of settings variables.

I’m referring to this post right here :slight_smile:

Where it states that there is difference on the “My Cloud” and “My Cloud Home” :slight_smile:

Yup I just was re reading that. I’d say that many worked through the problems since then. Another option would be to look at some of the other NASs out there. The WDs seem to be on the low end for processing horse power so maybe look for one with a few more features like the Synology line.

I’d forgotten that thread, sorry bout that. If you’re still wanting a WD I’d still give it a shot if your willing to work with a companion app instead of a browser interface.

I simply just need an SMB connection and that’s it :slight_smile:

Don’t need any fancy things :slight_smile:

And a Synology just gets very expensive :-/