WD Elements 2TB HDD Not Working 2 UPDATES

I thought I had a problem getting the USB drive to work through Smart Installer but it seems it is just my Elements 2TB HDD that does not work.  I formatted it in HFS+.  Loads up just fine on both of my mac laptops.  Plug it into the Apple TV and get nothing.  I tried another HDD that I use on another Apple TV and it loaded fine.  Any suggestions?


Update:  I did a little messing around with partition sizes and split it 50/50 so I have 2 1tb partitions and they both show up.  Is there a 1tb limit for external drives??

Update 2:  I have copied over a couple video files to the first 1tb partition.  When I goto import videos in Sapphire, it automatically goes to the 2nd (empty) 1tb partition first and hangs indefinitely.  I told Sapphire to ignore the second partition and reset the Apple TV.  Now I can import from the 1st partition but have no access to the 2nd.  


Has anyone else had problems with 2tb drives showing up?