Ways to load subtitles from sources other than opensubtitles

The following is quoted: " Bring your own, or add subtitles in seconds with free, one-tap downloads from OpenSubtitles.org." from infuse marketing text

when I stream videos from my HTTP URL source, it seems that loading subtitles from opensubtitle is the only way
Is it possible to load a srt/ass file from another http url( or from the local library? but infuse doesn’t show subtitle files in the library from the first place…so just skip it, maybe)? and also, this subtitle could be along with the video playback wherever it is(chromecast, airplay) :slight_smile:

If you have your own subtitle files, you can use those when playing videos in Infuse. To do this, simply place the subtitle file alongside the video and give it the same name.


Mad-Mad.mkv and Mad-Max.srt

You can also import subtitles into Infuse (using the Open In option in iOS) and these will then be available to select from the Imported section of the ‘Get More…’ subtitles option when playing a video. Subtitles added in this way don’t have any special naming requirements, so you can call them whatever you like.

This ‘Open In…’ option works great on the iPhone.
Can you confirm that if I have the video playback with subtitles on in this way on the iPhone, and then chromecast onto the TV, will the subtitle be on still?

It will depend a bit on the subtitle type, but generally anything that is text based (SRT, TXT, etc…) can be streamed to a chromecast.

BTW James, you should allow me to share subtitle files from infuse, so I can send it from iPhone to iPad (You already allowed me to share the movie itself but not allowed to share the subtitle with in it). and if you say use opensubtitles.org, unfortunately the website is blocked in my country, either I use VPN or you should implement a way around (let infuse send request to your server who then forward it to opensubtitles.org).

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