Way to view any and all series/movies that don't belong to any collection

I try to categorize all my series and movies into collections – both collections regarding the “state” (“shows currently watching”, “shows i want to start soon”, “shows I want to get back to”, etc.) and other ways of categorizing content (“FX comedies”, “Revisionist Westerns”, etc.).

But when I add new media, I don’t always remember to categorize the stuff I add. Especially since they’re in different places – I add media when I’m on my computer, but I manage things in my collections when I’ve got Infuse open, usually on my Apple TV.

So this is a request for a way to see all my media that is uncategorized – that I haven’t added to any collection.

Infuse already has something kind of similar, which is the “Other” list where you can see things which can’t be found in TMDB. So I imagine that it might be possible to add an option next to that, such as “Uncollected”. The name isn’t great, but it’s the best I can think of that’s analagous to common terms like uncategorized, untagged, unlabeled, etc.

(I also realize that I may be using collections a little bit differently from originally intended, which seems like it was originally meant for grouping things like movies and their sequels. But Infuse doesn’t provide any other option for creating sets of movies and TV shows – there’s no generic “list” or “tag”. It has playlists, but you can only add movies and TV episodes to those – not TV series.)

I recently made a post asking for this same thing here in my recent bug-fix request (which help you in the meantime maybe). I’ll “like” your post, so go and like mine too and hopefully we’ll get enough likes to get this :crossed_fingers:

mods, wanna merge this topic into mine: BUG: Media views, like genres, shouldn't force collection-view