What this “Add/remove items to/from Watchlist” and how do I do it? I can’t find it.

Can I get any sort of reply, at all?


Yeah wondering the same thing

I wonder it too

I also was searching for this feature yesterday for half an hour ?

I don’t have the app in front of me right now to provide the detailed instruction, but if you tap on a video in your library, there is this new button added “Add to Playlist” or similar. So tap this button, select “Watchlist” and you can add this video to Watchlist or remove it in case if you already watched it and don’t want it to be visible in the Watchlist anymore.

In my opinion, we should make these choices in the watchlist area ( At the home screen) , not in the library…

I have founded, how it works.
While you are at the main screen, select the movie which you remove from the top list ( watching list).
At the opening page, select the playing list.
And uncheck from there…
The movie will gone from the main watching list at the same time.

As you already found, you can do it from anywhere inside the app with all the videos that are in your library.

So it’s just adding to a regular playlist? Okay.

Also, when you search for a title, it doesn’t seem to let you add anything from the search results. Just from the home screen and library. I hope that gets fixed.

There is the watching list which is what shows up in Up Next and then any other lists you can add. You should be able to open the movie from search results then select the playlists button to add or remove

I can’t though. No options come up when I long press a movie in search results or long press it’s play button.

Select the movie to go to the playback screen. You should see buttons for Play Rate Mark edit and playlists

What the! I literally dont have that! ?

Sure you are on 6.2?

Yes. Sorry for potato quality in attatchments.

That’s because you’re probably connected to Plex and not smb or nfs. Adding and Editing plex playlists will probably make it in the next update.

Also Adding to the watch list is not available when connected to Plex.

Oh yeah, all of my content is synced through Plex.

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