Watchlist availability for Plex

I am a little bit confused… does Infuse have a watchlist or should a user make a watchlist by creating a playlist? If so, this means a video stays in the playlist even if status is watched? I am reading different stories whether connected through Plex server or smb etc…

For at least non-plex there is a dedicated watchlist through infuse that will remove items once watched. You don’t need to create an extra playlist for this. When you add something to playlist it should show up at the top of the list.

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So for Plex users there is no watchlist?

Yes there should be but since I don’t use plex I’m not the best person to answer that. I believe there was something called On Deck on the plex side and I know there have been recent changes to it.

Thanks, hope some one can confirm this. Would be strange if this is not available to Plex server users. Infuse is great in playing files and the look of it but sometimes the lack of implementing basic features such as watchlists, smart collections, sorting/filter options and missing trailers I do not understand why these are not implemented years ago (we live in 2022 :slight_smile: )

And still no flying cars either… :wink:

Have you tried using the method that @munpip214 detailed above? I think it works for both but I too do not use Plex. They do go away when you watch them and it’s a easy test to try.

But we have UFO and Drones :wink:

Will give this a try, but not sure how the item will disappear from the playlist as I cannot set any criteria for a list?

When you add it to the watch list (on the ATV version it’s the top of the home screen) it will appear as the first item, when you finish watching it it will disappear from the Up Next list at the top. If you watch only part of the episode or movie it will stay in the top row until completed.

Not sure what you mean…I do not have an option to add an item to a watch list. I can create manually a playlist called watchlist but this will be a static list and items needs to be removed manually from this list. Am I missing something?

What device are you using?

ATV with Plex Server…

Can you share a screenshot when you try to add something to a playlist?

All playlists are made by myself, including the watch list.

Can you do a screen shot of your home screen?

In Infuse Settings > General > Up Next List
What do you have set for Up Next List?

In settings under Up Next I can see…

  1. ON
  2. Only watching
  3. Only recently added
  4. Off

Well it must be a restriction when you’re using a Plex share. I don’t have plex and I’ve tried all of the different settings I can think of in Infuse and I still always get the option to add the item to the watching list on the home screen. (similar to what munpip showed above but in the ATV version)

I’ll have to dig a bit more into it and see what I can find. Sorry I couldn’t help out.

I’m guessing that if you’re using plex then you’ll have to use the plex server to create an up next list.

I appreciate your support. I dont see this much desired option ‘watched’ :slight_smile:

I cannot find on the forum if there are any plans for it.

Hope you can dig into it more and hopefully it is a setting or something like that :slight_smile:

Strictly a guess on my part and I do not have any “inside” info, I doubt that the Infuse devs would try to come up with an override for a feature for a plex share that is already included with plex. I may be totally wrong though.

I’d suggest you look around in the plex server instructions and see what’s available for creating a watchlist with items that drop when you finish them.

I’ll still dig around some more. :wink: