Watching TV on aTV2 from eyeTV


At the moment I have a Mac Mini with an EyeTV Hybrid connected to my TV. It’s working, but not as smoothly as I would like it to do. (The mini is pretty slow to start up etc.)

I know that you cannot connect an EyeTV to a aTV2/3 directly. EX: EyeTV -> aTV2/3 -> Samsung TV.

I’m looking into buying a Synology NAS server (backup, mail etc.) Do anybody know if I can connect my aTV to the NAS and connect the eyeTV to the NAS?

EX: eyeTV -> NAS Server <- (Plex??) -> Apple TV 2/3.

Is that possible?



Lars Hansen


Yes, you can access films from a Syno NAS via ethernet without problem, you can even attach a wifi dongle to the NAS (but not all models are working, see synology’s forum for more info).

For eyeTV, i doubt that it can work… there is a project “TV Station” going on but it is still (very) beta :

That TVStation looks like the way to go. To bad it’s still in beta.
Thank you for your answer.


Lars Hansen