Watching TV from common popular sites

Hi:   One of my reason, and I’m sure many others, for getting aTV Flash and the Apple TV is to allow us to watch shows from the more popular websites that many of us do on our PCs and Macs. Currently, is still not an easy rask to do that. Some sites just do not work because they use Flash. And browsing is a real drag. Both key-entry and on-screen navigation is a real drag with Couch Surfer Pro. On screen keyboards are OK for occasional entries like passwords. Even URLs is OK if tha’s the only issue. But then, after entering the URL you’re now struggling with the awkward pseudo-mouse. Often, you just give up. What would be most useful would be a program that will forward whatever is being streamed to the PC on to the aTV. I don’t mind sitting with my laptop to get to the site and choosing the show. But then it would be nice if I can foward this page or the stream to the aTV. Just my tuppeny worth!