'Watching' thumbnail artwork won't update

This is a small annoyance really. When a landscape thumbnail artwork is updated (overridden) for a show or a movie the ‘Watching’ thumbnail will not update. The correctly updated thumbnail can be seen in Library, and is even updated on the Apple TV ‘Top Shelf’ (as a cropped poster). This problem also occurs if the source is a Plex Server (i.e. thumbnail change is done on Plex).

Artwork is changed according to Infuse guide: Overriding Artwork and Metadata – Firecore Support

Are you talking about fanart?

Or are you talking about the series poster?

fanart is used on the watching row and series posters are used on the ATV top shelf home screen.

Hi Bullseye.

Sorry, I should have emphasized that I talk about fanart which is what the Watching row uses. I did a bit more testing. Here is a more specific observation that should be easy to reproduce. I’ll use a movie as an example:

Make sure the movie is added in the Watching row. Now modify the fanart by adding movie-fanart.jpg next to the movie.mkv. Do a “Scan for Changes”. The updated fanart will show in the Movie Library details, but the Watching thumbnail does not change. In order to update the Watching thumbnail, one has to “Edit Metadata” for the movie and thereby refresh the metadata.

In short: The Watching thumbnail should update with “Scan for Changes”, but requires refreshing the metadata for the movie or the TV show.

@james Whats the score with DirectMode? I can’t seem to update watching thumbnails or backgrounds either? Can we pull these directly from Emby for example and use the Episode Thumbnail of currently watching?

When using a regular (non-media server) share, Infuse will cache details about the video, including artwork. If these are change/updated then you will want to use the Edit Metadata option to refresh what appears in Infuse.

For media servers in Direct Mode, these will be updated automatically. There is a small temporary cache in Infuse for certain artwork items, and to force an update immediately you can use the Reresh option which appears on the video details page.

This is the strange thing, either the Title Logo or Background or Thumbnail seem to match anything thats inside Emby itself. I’ve forced refresh metadata on main screen and individual items, the only thing that updates is the Episode Thumbnail but not background, title logo or active watching thumbnail