Watching status not working as expected

Let’s say you have 9 episodes of show X that you’re watching. 9 episodes of a 12 episodes long season.

Whenever you finish those 9 episodes, the show will leave the “Watching” list and if after watching those 9 episodes, you add the 10th, 11th or 12th episode, it will not come back to “Watching”. You have to manually find it again in your library and start watching the 10th episode so the show is back on the “Watching” list.

This is really annoying since people tend to follow multiple shows and whenever they successfully keep up with the content, they lose track of it in the “Watching” list.

Is this a bug? I’d like Infuse to remember I was watching a show for a set period or configurable period, same as Plex does.

Infuse doesn’t have a crystal ball to know how many episodes there are in all tv shows or if there will be more produced. It has to reference what files are available each time you play one of a series. You play the last that infuse sees then it clears the watching list.

Think of how much memory it would take to track ALL of the series you had watched just in case there is a new episode released in the future.

Also as a beta tester you might want to check out the planned upcoming features in “Upcoming Features” thread Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

Note the “Watchlist” feature. :wink:

Actually, since they get metadata for the shows, they do know.

But even without that, they can easily have markers in the local infuse database to flag shows that have been watched in the last X weeks or whatever and whenever a new one is added, it brings it back in the “Watching” list. Almost no memory needed, no heavy processing. Very easy.

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I am not sure that changing the Watching list is the right way to solve this problem and might be difficult to implement correctly.

What I personally would prefer is the ability set up a Custom List and add my own shows to it. If such shows were marked with an Unplayed status if there are ANY un-payed episodes I could easily see when there is something outstanding.

If something like this does get implemented it would be even better if it was possible to set up multiple such lists so that one could split thing into different categories/priorities.

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This is what I’m hoping for in the “Watchlist” feature. Being able to set a list of shows and have those show up when a new episode is available on the server.