'Watching' section showing double entries of TV episodes

Infuse Pro v7.3.6

A little background first: About a month ago, I decided to split my media library into two groups: 720p for my remote streamers, and 1080p/4k for my own internal use. I now have 4 media folders: 2 for movies and shows in 720p, and 2 for movies and shows in 1080p/4k. Currently, both my Plex and Infuse clients are pointing only to the 2 folders that are 1080p/4k (my plex server as well).

An issue I’ve been noticing since I’ve made that change is that the ‘Watching’ section at the top of the home screen in Infuse will show me two versions of a show: a 720p version, and a 1080p or 4k version.

Now, before I made the split, the folders that are currently housing all of my 720p content were my original media folders for all my movies and shows, so I suspect that Infuse (or plex, and Infuse by extension) is still somehow pulling data from those folders. But I’ve tried a number of things to correct that, and it’s still happening.

I’ve tried:

  • Removing and re-adding the Plex share in Infuse
  • Clearing metadata
  • Deleting and reinstalling Infuse

I only see this issue in the ‘Watching’ section. If I go to, say, Raised by Wolves Season 2, it will only show me the 1080p/4k episodes.

My Plex client does not exhibit this behavior, so I’m inclined to lean toward it being an Infuse issue. Any additional troubleshooting tips would be appreciated.

When you go to Setings > Library below where it says Refresh Metadata, it shows your server and selected shares. Do you by any chance still have both the 720 and the 1080 favorites stared?

Also while you’re on the Library page, has Infuse completed a full scan and iCloud sync? Sometimes Infuse will show some odd things until it’s had a chance to complete a scan and sync of a new configuration.

I’ve tried Scan for Changes, Refresh Metadata, and iCloud Sync. Duplicates are still there.

Did you check for duplicates in the Library settings below the refresh metadata?

Also did you let it complete a full scan and then let it complete the iCloud sync? It will show a “Last Updated…” message on the Library settings screen on the left side below the total of movies and tv shows and others. You may need to let it sit on this screen a few minutes since Infuse will often do the syncs in segments and this will only show this activity on this page.

Yes, only those two 1080p/4k libraries are checked.

Yes, and I saw the “Last Updated” message pop up. I also toggle iCloud sync off and back on before doing a scan/refresh.

But are the 720 shares still there but unchecked?

Yes, they are.