"Watching" section is confusing

Family and friend who have switched to Infuse have been asking me about how to modify the “watching” section. I can give my own as an example of the problems that have come up. The “watching” section shows for the first 3 options shows I am currently watching but then it gets weird. Some shows that are showing have been completely watched already but won’t disappear, others haven’t been watched in a while (some a looking while), and others have just been briefly previewed and abandoned. Without having the option to manually add or remove shows, how can I clean up this kind of mess?

What do you guys think about this suggestion to the dev team:
(1) A long press option menu for the “watching” elements with options to remove, pin, and mark as watched.
(2) A longer list of “watching” items.
(3) Adding to “watching” via the long press menu on movies and shows.

My current work around is to use the Watcht iOS app to know what shows are out & up next. This works for me but I couldn’t get friends and family to get used to using a second tool to aid with their infuse library.

I think what you are looking for is the “Add/remove items to watchlist” on Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21) currently scheduled for 6.2 (whenever that happens)

This is one of the main features I am waiting for in the upcoming releases.

Note that the list of items in the upcoming releases is subject to change, so it is just an indication of what being worked on and not hard and fast commitments for a specific release. But it does give an indication of the prioritisation of new features vs bug fixing.

That’s exciting! Based on their map I’d guess that it will come some time after iOS 13 is released. I hope they won’t have many hiccups with it so they can continue working on adding those new essential features.