"Watching section" disapearing shows/movies


ever since I’ve updated to Infuse 6 Pro (from Infuse 5 Pro) there were different issues with the “Watching section”. I’ve kept hoping they will be fixed with next bugfix release, but that is not happening obviously. On top of that with latest update (6.0.7) I’m not able to play anything at all! (yes there already is a topic on that subject Update 6.0.7 error on playing files via FTP)

Anyway my setup are two apple TVs. One used by children in living room, one in bedroom and I don’t want to share the “Watching section” between them so I disabled the “iCloud sync”. Now when watching a TV show (even movies, but not that often) it happens very often that the whole show just disappears from “Watching section” I need to find it on my Synology NAS and it shows that all episodes that were previously marked as watched are now un-watched!

For the record I’ve kept my Infuse 5 Pro app installed just in case. I hope the two apps can’t affect each other meta-data?

Are you aware of this issue? Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

Thank you
Best regards

Is this affecting both Apple TVs, with and without iCloud Sync enabled? Did it just start with 6.0.7, or was it happening before?

If it happens again, and you have a chance to send in a quick report we’d love to take a look.