Watching/Recently Added Cover Art

I am having an issue with Watching and Recently Added showing screen grabs of the movie instead of the actual cover art. The cover art is showing correctly and the cover art is displayed correctly from the home screen of the Apple TV for Watching and Recently Added. The app is up to date with 6.4



Infuse uses backdrop/fanart for the Watching and Recently Added sections in this view, and it looks like these images match what TMDb has for these movies.

Thanks for the quick reply. Did this recently change? It used to show the covert art like the Apple TV home screen. Is there a way to change the view so that it shows the covert art instead of backdrop/fanart?

Infuse has used landscape artwork here since the introduction of the Up Next list in version 5.0. However, TMDb has been doing maintenance and some images were removed. This means you may be seeing different artwork now than in the past.

More info on this can be found here.

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