Watching Order / Movie Playlist

I have been playing with collections this afternoon, but it’s not really doing what I want. I am trying to set up my Marvel movies in timeline order including the “One Shots” like Item 47, Agent Carter and A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thors Hammer etc… I would like to be able to press play on Captain America The First Avenger, and just have Infuse run through all the movies, shows, and one shots in chronological order. Is this possible?

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Yes, if you have the Continuous Playback option enabled in Settings, Infuse will play the movies in a collection in sequence, one after another.

Currently, Infuse is using Collection info provided by, and we may look at adding an option for custom collections in a future version. There is a thread in the suggestions section (linked below) you can follow and/or upvote.

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