Watching Only is still broken

I’m having a problem with my Up Next List, across different devices, on my iPhone or Mac the option “Watching Only” when selected it shows nothing even though I’m playing movies and shows from those devices, nothing shows up. On my AppleTV 4K I do see movies or show episodes showing under the Watching Only deck, but once I select refresh or reopen the app then that disappears, this is the same issue I’ve been reading about multiple posts here that go back years, anyone from Infuse support reading these? This is really annoying.

I use iCloud Sync and Trakt and my library is from Emby but I also tried one at the time but the result is the same. I’ve also sent an email to support asking for help!

Are you using the direct mode with Emby? Have you checked to make sure you have direct mode on all devices or possibly you have library on some?

What version number of Infuse and what version number of Emby?

Are you using the primary user on the atv?

I was not using Direct Mode with Emby, I have enabled it and now I see the Up Next and Continue Playing lists from Emby, but now I no longer see the categories, is there to have have while having Emby - Direct Mode enabled?


I think I found my answer in this post, too bad we can’t create infuse categories when using Direct Mode.


I thought you said you weren’t using direct mode to start with.