Watching history bug

Hey Infuse Team!

There is a bug with watching history, that exists for years and still not fixed. When I’m watching any show, and not skipping even a second in it, episodes still can be not marked as viewed automatically. And in the new Infuse it even more frustrating, because you now cant see the status on each episode, you I need to manually check everything to find that buddy “unwatched” item and mark it.

So please, make infuse thinking that episode or movie has been watched if there is less than 12% remaining on timeline. For movies you can set even 20-25%, because end titles can be really long (like in marvel for example)

For the first part are you using iCloud/trakt/plex/etc to track you watching status? You watch 100% of an item and it is not marking it as watched?

For the second item I don’t expect changes there. Current percentage is there to allow people to stop and resume a video near the end but also mark it around where credits normally fall. At 25% that would be half hour left for a 2hr movie. No movie has credits that long that I am aware of (besides LotR extended). I won’t get into this anymore as it has been discussed in other threads.

Yep, im using an icloud AND trakt sync.

ABSOLUTELY RANDOMLY watched tv shows episodes not marking as viewed. It can stuck on 10, 33, 78 etc percent and i have manually check whole season at the end and press “watched” on those episodes. For 12 episode show usually 3-4 items dont want to automatically set their status to completed.

And this issue bothering me at least a full year. Maybe even longer.

BTW if ill skip the ending on tv shows by double taping pause on my headphones or clicking “next” on remote, every not finished episode has to be marked manually. Even if there only 1 sec left to the end

I don’t think we’ve seen other similar reports, but this seems strange.

However, can you try logging out of Trakt to see if this makes a difference for you? The watched statuses for Trakt and iCloud are currently managed separately.

Already tried. Does not helped :frowning:

Another update:

Forgot to mention in first post that even when im marking manually episodes as watched, they (or other randomly from same season) can be “unwatched” in the background a few hours or even days later. And i can see this only when browsing all tv shows in the library

In some cases there could be a connection issue with trakt and those videos might not be marked as watched when they should. That’s the only issue I’ve come across lately

Im sure its not trakt related problem, because ive started using it not so long ago.

Are you using Infuse 7 or an older version?

Do you have Infuse installed on multiple devices? If so, are they all running the same version?

Yes to all