"Watching" doesn't update when new episodes are added

If you watch up to the latest episode you have, the show is removed from watching even after a new episode comes out and is added. So you have to go find it again each time making the “watching” section only useful for older content and movies. Keeping track of watching and unwatched stuff in a simple and clean way is a general problem in Infuse. There are multiple ways it could be tackled and I have mentioned a few ideas in the past related to this issue (Collapse seasons into single series item). I use infuse extensively and have introduced it to a few friends but this is the main area everyone complains about it.


This is the most annoying thing I experience using Infuse on daily basis now.

The workaround I use is to display recently added list of episodes and browse it daily, but because it is limited, bigger addition of episodes can move the ones i am interested in out of the list.

But this is only workaround, nothing can be better then automatically updated watching list with new episodes.