Watching Channels/Applications. Flash doesnt work?

I can watch some like CNN and Youtube type channels such as Monty Python work fine but anything requiring Flash which is most of the ones on Boxee and Couch Surfer require Flash and give an error message “You need to manually download Flash” which doesn’t work in Surfer orBoxee. In fact I have already downloaded Flash separately in Install Extras and it’s says Adobe Flash installed, so what is the problem and solution?

My Apple TV is version 3.0.1.

You cannot use Flash in couchsurfer on 3.x:

-Hulu WORKS in Firefox (Adobe Flash must be enabled as described here:
-Hulu WORKS sometimes in Boxee…this should be improved once Boxee beta is released.
-Hulu does not work in Couch Surfer.

You can try this guide to get flash working:

It is written for 3.0.1, but will work for 3.0.2 also with the following limitations: “This is a minor update, and some iPhone ‘Remote’ app controls are not fully working.”