Watched/Unwatched Not Updating

I am still a little fuzzy on how this is supposed to work between multiple devices. I’ve set up one device the way I wanted it and marked everything as watched/unwatched appropriately. When I install Infuse on another device sync seems to work for app configurations (settings, share, media, thumbnails etc) but watched/unwatched never updates. I’ve deleted the app several times and started fresh and it behaves the same. Is that supposed to work via iCloud or is that Trakt only thing?

It’s fine if it is, just want to make sure before I put effort in organizing Trakt that this will actually work. I’d rather not though.

I swear I searched before I asked and didn’t see an answer but as soon I posted I think I saw something that this functionality will come in 5.7. Sorry.

Trakt syncs the watched position between devices (and even other apps that support Trakt).

Have you looked over this section?

Thanks guys but I found the answer right after posting the question here, hence my 2nd post :slight_smile:
It was a total blonde moment on my part …