Watched/Unwatched indicators in Favourites


Going through LIBRARY view on the home screen to “All TV Shows” has the watched/unwatched indicator to show how much of each series I have watched

BUT I can’t separate it into my shows, wifes shows kids shows etc. They are all lumped together.

However if I create my own favourites using SHARES instead:
-TV Shows DO NOT have watched/unwatched status when looking at all the TV shows.

Only when you go into the season view does it tell you if you have anything watched or unwatched.

This can be very annoying as I have all my TV shows sorted into Kids/Mine/Wifes/Ours.

So at the moment I have to choose: Have them all lumped together in the Library “All TV Shows” favourites, or have them in their own Favourite and lose the watched/unwatched indicator while browsing the TV shows.

Any chance we could we fix this issue?


Unfortunately this is not supported at this time.

When browsing through Favorites, you are browsing the normal folder structure which won’t allow us to show advanced features like watched indicators at the folder level.

One thing you could potentially try is to create a new favorite from the Library and filter by genre or resolution. Depend on your content, this might allow you to get close to what you currently have set up with folders.

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