Watched TV shows still marked as partially-watched

I use Infuse on an Apple TV with Plex Media Server.

I’ve noticed that any TV show I have finished watching remains marked as partially-watched (the partial orange line at the bottom of the poster is still there). It does not appear to be random as this has occurred with the last 4 TV series I’ve finished watching. I have never had this issue before so this is something new that has cropped up recently (the last few months maybe).

If I look at the individual episodes, they are all marked as watched, but the partial orange line at the bottom of the poster is still there, making it appear that the new season hasn’t been watched yet.

If I go into my Plex Media Server, everything is correctly marked as watched. As an experiment, I marked a whole series as unwatched in Plex Media Server, then checked the status in Infuse. Infuse showed the individual episodes as unwatched, but the partial orange line at the bottom of the poster remained. I then changed the series back to watched in Plex Media Server, but again the partial orange line at the bottom of the poster remained. I also tried manually marking the series as unwatched and back to watched in Infuse, but again Infuse incorrectly showed the series as partially unwatched.

It seems that no matter what I do, Infuse is “stuck” in partially-watched mode.

And just to make things interesting, I just checked Infuse on my Mac, and 1 of the 4 shows marked incorrectly on the Apple TV is fine on the Mac version.


Were these series watched in Infuse, or in another app?

Infuse will rely on the watched status provided by the Plex server, so it’s strange that they items would appear watched there but not in Infuse.

If this is only happening on one device you could try removing the Plex connection and re-adding it in Infuse. This will ensure Infuse has the most-up-date connection details for your Plex server, which could potentially help here.

I only watch in Infuse… don’t use the Plex Player at all.

It isn’t just one device though, it’s both the AppleTV and the Mac version of Infuse. Although on the Apple TV, 4 of my series have a “stuck” partly-watched indicator, and on the Mac only 3 are affected.

When I get a chance I will try what you suggest though and remove and re-add the Plex connection, and I’ll report back.


I started with Infuse for Mac and deleted the Plex server and re-added it. Very strange results. 2 of the “stuck” orange partly-watched indicators were corrected, but 2 shows that are are actually partly-watched appeared as fully unwatched. So it fixed 2 shows but broke 2 others. The next day I opened Infuse on the Mac again and the 2 newly-broken shows somehow fixed themselves. So at the moment, the watched indicators on Infuse for the Mac 100% match my Plex server.

Now for the Apple TV. Before I deleted and re-add the Plex server, I noticed that almost everything on the AppleTV was already fixed (is that because of what I did on the Mac?) But I said almost… one show I am currently watching is now showing up as fully watched, which doesn’t match my Plex server nor does it match Infuse on the Mac. I then deleted and re-add the Plex server on the AppleTV. The results were the same as above. All correct except the one show is still indicating fully-watched when it should be partly-watched.

Don’t know yet if this issue is going to continue though, as we’ll have to wait until the next time I finish a series (probably in the next few weeks).

BTW… Not sure how it works when you use Infuse on 2 different platforms. Do the Mac and AppleTV versions share the same iCloud metadata? Is that why things changed on the AppleTV after I deleted and re-added the Plex server on the Mac?

Me too.I use Infuse on Apple TV/iPhone with Emby Media Server. I have to delete the Emby server and re-added it to fix it

It’s getting weirder by the day.

Infuse has now stopped feeding new episodes in the “watching” section at the top of the home screen. Instead, the last played episode remains with the addition of an orange line at the bottom, like the orange line Infuse uses on the posters of an partly-watched series. I have never seen that orange line in the watching section before though. If I do a manual refresh, the next episode appears and the orange line goes away.

Also, a blank TV show just appeared in my watching list, with a title similar to "720DD235-HDGD64534-HFHDF66… etc ". It survived through multiple manual refreshes and eventually just went away by itself.

And just to top off the weirdness, 2 series that I’m in the middle of watching suddenly no longer play… not a single episode in any season. When I press play I just get a blank screen and nothing happens. Even episodes that played fine in recent days/weeks will no longer play.

There’s a whole lot of seriously buggy behaviour that all seems related to watched/unwatched.

Can you play them with another player?

Yup, no problem playing with Plex, VLC, Quicktime. They also play fine on Infuse for Mac, so it’s only broken on the AppleTV.

I just discovered even more weirdness…

After one of these shows fails to play, I will exit out only to find the whole series has disappeared from the Watching list. Then if I exit completely out of Infuse (back to the AppleTV home screen) and then relaunch Infuse, the show I was trying to play earlier suddenly starts playing all by itself, without me doing anything!

Not sure what to think but you may want to watch another thread discussing the missing shows in the watching list. It may all be related.

Just finished another series and it is still showing as partially-watched on the AppleTV. So removing the Plex connection and re-adding it obviously didn’t help. Also, due to continued weirdness, I completely deleted Infuse from the Apple TV and re-installed from scratch, so even that didn’t help. And FYI… it is marked correctly as fully-watched in Infuse for Mac.

And in addition to all the other strange behaviour I’ve mentioned in this thread, I just discovered even more.

When looking at an individual episode on screen, at the bottom left there are normally 4 icons above the Playlist and Trailer buttons; watched, playlists, rating and refresh. Except one of my TV shows only has 3 buttons, and they are written out as opposed to just icons; “playlists”, “rate” and “refresh”. Plus, there is no cast list. I don’t mean it’s blank, I mean it’s not there, no scrolling below the episode thumbnails. How can there be a different U.I. for just one series? It’s probably not a coincidence that this is happening to one the same series that keeps screwing up as described in an earlier post (not adding new episodes to the “watching” section, old episode remains with addition of orange bar at the bottom).

What the heck has happened to Infuse all of a sudden? So many issues all at once.

I’m having the same issue with Infuse Apple TV and Jellyfin server. Phone shows it watch, but Appletv has the unwatched “flag” on the corner of the poster. If I go into the series, it shows watched on each episode

Yup, 4 months now this has been going on for me. I’ve wiped out all the metadata and completely reinstalled Infuse from scratch and nothing helps. This really needs to get fixed soon…

Maybe the new Direct Mode will fix this when it’s released