Watched synced content is removed from Up Next

Found a bug that after watching a synced TV episode on my iPhone after finishing it the episode will disappear from the Watching section on the tvOS app. Still shows up fine on the iOS app Watching section.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a show under Watching (e.g. up to episode 5 of a show’s season)

  2. Sync next episode (5 in example above) on iOS device and watch.

  3. The show should move to the front of the Watching category as expected (on the iOS app) but will disappear from the tvOS watching section.

If I search for the show on tvOS it will have the updated watched status so the only issue is the disappearing part.

This is still happening in 7.0.6 release.

Does this happen if you have multiple synced episodes, and don’t watch them all?

Are you accessing the videos on iOS through the Library or through the Files tab?

So just to do some experimenting I deleted all my synced episodes and just downloaded 1 episode (the next up episode) for a show I have in the Now Watching section. I was still able to reproduce the issue by either starting it through the files tab or directly from pressing the thumbnail in the Now Watching section so I don’t think that affects it.

One thing I did learn is that you don’t have to fully watch the episode for it to get removed. Basically as long as you play the episode for a few seconds and then press “Done,” the episode progress updates and it will cause it to get removed from the Apple TV.

So my guess is that when infuse is updating the watched progress of a synced episode for whatever reason the Apple TV doesn’t know what to do and just removes it from the Now Watching section.

Can you try this

  1. Download more than one episode
  2. Confirm the season appears on Apple TV in Up Next
  3. Watch one of the epodes (but not all)
  4. See if the season still is listed in Up Next on iOS and Apple TV

Okay I did the following:

  1. downloaded multiple episodes
  2. checked the apple tv (in fact I refreshed it) and it still appeared on the Watching section
  3. I played the first synced episode for a few minutes and while I played it I refreshed the apple TV and it still showed up on the apple tv Watching section.
  4. After a few minutes of playing it I pressed the Done button.

After that it got removed from the Watching section within about 10 seconds with out having to the press the refresh button.

Would you also mind sending in a quick report from both iPhone and Apple TV and posting the codes here?

Apple TV: 8FBW8

Edit: Let me know if I did that right. I didn’t really fill in feedback since I’ve already given it here but i’m not sure if the logs got generated

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@james is there any update on this? I know you’ve been busy with 7.1 but I’m still experiencing it even after I started fresh on both iOS and tvOS to reduce any library issues when upgrading to 7.1.

This is still on our radar