Watched Status Reset and Not Syncing with iCloud

I recently made the mistake of removing certain shares from my library on my iPad in order to simplify the interface and did not realize it would also remove them from my AppleTV. After discovering this situation, I added the shares back in however now I am facing two unexpected problems…

  1. The watched status has been 100% reset so that it does not list any of my TV shows (don’t really care about watched status for movies)as being watched. I have several series I follow and use the “unwatched shows” to manage this.

  2. Some of the metadata that was not matched originally due to file name syntax or in incorrect year in the file name is back to where it was when I fixed them.

I had thought both of these were things that were maintained through the iCloud sync, since as part or a prior support issue, I was told to disable the Trakt in order to switch to iCloud. Please provide whatever help is possible as these issues will result in a tremendous amount of time needed on my part to manually fix.

I believe your back to square one. The way I understand it is that when you removed the share, it synced that removal to iCloud and when the ATV synced it too removed that share. That also removed all of the edits you did for those shares since you’d no longer need to store corrections to a share that doesn’t exist. Now when you replaced the shares it’s all new to Infuse and will need the same corrections.

The iCloud sync is there to rebuild your data if either the tvOS or iOS clears out room for another app that needs it and that erases your data. Then iCloud sync would replace that data less the graphics. When you delete things yourself the sync trusts your actions and backs those changes up to iCloud.

I’ve done a few “accidental” removals of shares and it’s a pain to go back and do edits, that’s what I don’t do edits anymore and always change the file names to grab the right info first time.

I’m more concerned/annoyed with the watched status, which should be tied to the metadata since if I replace the file (say change a .avi for a .mkv, and the metadata stays the same it correctly syncs both my progress and watched status. I have seen this more than once when I find a better quality file after starting to watch a movie.

I guess technically, if you replace a watched video with a new video of a higher resolution or other difference you really haven’t watched the new one. I’ve gotten used to when I replace a video I currently have I go in and manually mark it as watched if I don’t want to be reminded I haven’t seen the improved version.