Watched status/position not syncing


I use Infuse 6 Pro on my Apple TV4, streaming from a Plex Mediaserver on my HTPC (Mac Mini).
For some reason the played status and position isn’t syncing correctly to Plex.
In Plex I have multiple movies and TV-episodes that are listed as either unwatched och half-watched, even though I’ve watched them in full through Infuse.

What’s the best practice regarding to settings in my case? Any other ideas on why it’s not working?

When using Plex, Infuse will rely on the watched status stored in Plex. The one exception is Infuse will round-up slightly, so if something is ~95% watched in Plex, Infuse will consider that fully watched.

Also, there have been a handful of reliability improvements for Plex (and others) in recent updates. To take advantage of these, you may try using the ‘Connect to Plex’ option to re-authenticate with Plex. Note: This will not affect your saved shares or favorites.