Watched Status not syncing with trakt (not about the missing indicator)


First; thanks so much for Infuse on ATV4. Your app was the reason I got my ATV4 and got started.

Coming from XBMC / Kodi I came with quite big expectations. I already learnt that some of the features I am missing right now will be included in the 4.1 Release of the app. Fair enough!

In the meantime I having difficulties keeping track of my watched episodes because of the missing watched indicator.
I know now, that once you hop back into a season, infuse suggests the next episode by preselecting it. Thats a good workaround for me just now.

But I can’t seem to get trakt to work at all. I registered the ATV to trakt and it shows up in my account on trakt.
I recently watched 2 episodes of The Big Bang Theory and expected them to be markes as watched afterwards. Since there is no indicator, I checked back on the page. But the indicator ist not synced. So the information of this episode being watched never made it way back to trakt.
I tried syncing ratings - that for some funny reason works just fine.

Any ideas?

Just to make it clear; I am not talking about the ATV App not showing an indicator. I am talking about the flag not being set in my trakt account by the infuse App.

And just another question:
When I add another episode to my storage and Infuse fetches the meta data, recognizing the videofile. Does this automatically tell trakt I’ve got this programm in my stash now? That’s the part I don’t quite get about the sync with trakt. For instance when you add a new programm you have never watched before; how does trakt know?

Thanks so much for your help


Okay I figured out, that only the communication ATV to trakt doesn’t seem to work. Trakt to ATV just works fine:

I marked an episode of an old season of Big Bang Theory as watched on the trakt webpage. When you check directly on Apple TV after that, nothing changes. If you wait long enough (guess 10-15 Minutes) and you go back into that old season, the recommended episode now suddleny jumps to the next one. So obviously the information from trakt was received be the ATV, even though it took quite long.

Checking on the recent season again for my proper watched status of the episodes I really watched today; no change here. The Trakt Webpage still shows no watched indicator. The ATV seems to remember I watched it, because it display S09E04 as the recommended next one when you enter Season 9.

I wonder if there is a delay at the trakt end? I know that if I watch an episode on the ATV and then immediately look in inFuse on my iPad the episode does not show as watched. However if I look again a short while later (e.g. 10 minutes) the episode will now show up as watched on he iPad.

Even after hours of waiting it doesnt come back as watched from the ATV. I just cant tell if the ATV doesnt send the information, or if trakt doesnt process it.

Thats why I thoughg it would be good to ask here for help since you should know when which Information is transmitted

Now I am confused;

I watched 2 episodes of The Originals and Trakt comes up with the watched status just fine.
But the episodes of Big Bang Theory are still marked unwatched.

First I thought it might be a metadata issue but then it wouldn’t make much sense, that the ratings are being synced just fine.

Still hoping for an explanation of the dev team;
Why does trakt sync a rating for this series but not my watched status?


i am using an iPad Air (first Generation) with Infuse Pro v3.6.2

I logged into my Account in the Settings.
I see the Infuse App in my connected apps in the settings.

When I am watching TV Series (I tried the big bang theory and JAG) I see that I am watching the series ( site is showing progress)
but when I finish the episode (infuse shows it as watched) never seems to get notified about it. So the watched status on remains unwatched.

Could you please fix that.

Best Regards,

If trakt is showing progress as you ware watching then that suggests that inFuse IS syncing with trakt. One issue I have noticed is that if you are watching an episode and stop when the credits are showing, then depending on how long the credits are then trakt may not be updated to say ‘watched’ . If you wait until the credits are finished then the watched status DOES get set. It seems that there is some percentage from the end of an episode that is treated as ‘completed’, but that the value may not be sufficient (e.g if it is currently 95% maybe it should be changed to 90%).

I have Auto Play enabled so once one episode is watched it jumps to the next (therefore I am watching 100% of the file).

It does show progress, but does not set the Episodes as watched.

Best Regards

I agree that under those circumstances it should work. Doing exactly that is working fine for me, so not sure why it would not be working for you. Hopefully James will come back with some suggestions on how to diagnose what is going wrong.

My trakt works fine most of the time but sometimes it just doesnt…like with big bang theory. Maybe there is a connection between the meta data and a sync issue

Interesting thought:

Since I use to manage my TV Shows on my Server i have the following naming schema:
[ slug]_s[season]e[episode]

I tried the following files:

All the metadata shows correctly in Infuse on my iPad.

All of them showed the progress on the Site but none of them got marked as watched.

So unless I am watching the only three shows that have that bug, something needs to be fixed.

Best Regards

I’ve got issues with big bang as well.

This happens to me as well. When watching anything on my atv4, the webpage show it as currently playing. When I finished watching there is no trace of it in my trakt account, only in Infuse. Tried reconnecting trakt without luck.
Using Infuse 4.3