Watched Status not in sync

If this is not the right sub-forum i apologize.

My watched status is not syncing i have searched round here and found many users with the same issue but almost 0 resolution. I see icloud sync come up a lot, here is the thing, I use plex as my media source exclusively.

Can i just disable icloud sync and have it pull watched status from plex itself?

especially considering i do not use INFUSE exclusively, i use infuse in my apple tv in the living room but every other room use roku so really, iCloud sync is not relevant, it should be syncing back and forth with plex.

I know my comment won’t be of much help, but just wanted to chime in because I use Plex and Infuse with iCloud Sync turned on. My watched status works and syncs as intended, so I’m not sure what could be causing the issue you are having. It worked when I had iCloud Sync turned off too.

It worked up until recently, and yeah thats make it worse that is just stopped suddenly i have tried all the tips i found through the other threads and nothing is working removing the share altogether and adding plex back brings it current but thats a long process and no ideal to keep things in sync, i also do not understand whats going on.