Watched status not in sync with Trakt

Still happening to me also, and as mentioned, seems to happen when switching from one ATV to the other. Using Infuse 7.6 currently.

I might have narrowed it down. I think the “unwatched with full bar” issue happens when closing the app in one ATV, then turning the ATV off and moving to the other. I believe it should confuse the iCloud synchronisation.

I just only have an apple tv 4K and the same issue and I haven’t used the iOS or Mac app in months.
For me the solution is to move the watched episodes to another folder. So the next episode to play is the correct one because if not, it plays the unwatched one.
I can’t waste any more time with this random issue.

Yeah, it may not be related to using multiple devices. It happened again, it was the last episode of the season, I pushed “next episode” and something went wrong. It got stuck, I pressed play it moved and I think to remember the TV even switched briefly to HDR from SDR (while it is set to use Dolby Vision as default, and then change it to the video format). At that point I was sure I was going to get the issue. I watched at least another episode on the same ATV, everything looked fine and the next day the season finale was with the full bar and the unwatched status. It was also unwatched in Trakt.

The funny thing is that after having marked it as watched in Trakt app, marking it later as watched in Infuse didn’t add a second watched mark.