Watched status in Grid view

If you operate in List view then you can tell if an item is marked as watched y the presence or absence of the little blue circle against the entry. There should be something equivalent in Grid view so that the watched/unwatched status is immediately obvious.

It’s something we toyed with, but it didn’t seem quite right with the blue dots.

I love seeing this feature but how about an V-indicator in 50% transparency on top of the coverart if it’s watched.

I would prefer the blue dot to no indication. If you must stick with dots they could be a less intrusive color (e.g. grey). However if you have a better visualisation idea then as far as I am concerned anything that achieves the purpose would do.

I agree… something is better than nothing. You could even put it in as a global option until you find a better visualization than the blue dots.

We’re exploring a few options for watched indicators in grid view, and I think we’re getting close.

Below are a few options that we’re working with. Feel free to share your thoughts on which you prefer.

Option 1 - blue corner = unwatched, gray corner = partially watched, no corner = fully watched

Option 2 - adds play icon to blue corner and pause icon to gray corner

Option 3 - uses a star instead of the play icon for unwatched files

All of these options sound like good approaches, and I personally would be happen with any of them.   At first glance option 1 looks like being closer in visual style to the List view (for consistency purposes) - but I guess you are the ones with the mockups to see which looks best.

James - I dont like any of these but then I dont have a need for this function so when implemented, please make sure this is an ‘optional’ extra and can be turned on or off.


Based on the feedback we’ve received so far, the version with the play and pause icons has taken the cake.

Not quite final, but a much more polished version.

A setting that allows you to adjust where the watched indicators are shown will be included as well.


I guess I don’t quite understand why you don’t add the same ‘blue dot’ in front of the title…can you explain that?

There a few reasons why we decided against that, but mainly since only a single title is displayed at a time you would need to highlight an item before you can tell if it’s viewed or not.

Going with some type of overlay icon allows you to quickly see what is watched, and what is not.

Tentative final version.

love it!!

I love it as well… Great job guys. Since I have not played around with it, just give us a “global” option to turn these on or off… thx.

Is this also planed for TV Shows in List View mode ? 


Because now it is terrible and add the feature to mark a whole folder as watched, plz. 

This change only applies to the grid view. List view will continue using the normal blue dots.

Just checking here: but this will only apply to unplayed and partially played items correct? once a movie has been watched you wont see any overlay ever again? or if I’ve paused a movie during a second watching can the pause overlay re-appear?

I love the idea of having an unplayed indicator, but I can’t really think of a time that I would really care for the pause indication for movies.

Particularly because I tend to back out of a movie when the credits roll…(which could be a lot of gray corners)

If we can have different settings for TV Shows and Movies that would be great since the contexts are different.

I’m sure I’ll grow to like it, but I’m a fan of consistency, so I would have voted dots with the iTunes-esque half-dots (although when highlighted the z-index seemed off).

The watched status behavior will be identical to the dots used in list view. (It actually runs off the same entry in the database, so you can switch between list and grid view without losing your watched history)

  • Unwatched media will show the blue corner with play icon (same as the full blue dot in list view).
  • Partially watched media will show the gray corner with pause icon (same as half dot in list view).
  • Media that is at least 90% watched is considered fully watched and will show no overlay icon (watched media in list view has no dot). This behavior ensures that a file will be marked as watched even if you don't watch every last second of the credits.

Once a file has been fully watched, the icons will never be seen again for that particular file (unless of course you manually mark that file as unwatched, then the cycle would repeat itself from the start).

We’ve also added a global setting that allows you to fine tune where watched indicators are used.

The options are:

  • Enabled
  • List Only
  • Grid Only
  • Disabled

Hope this helps. :)

Will it be possible for TV Shows in list view to see on the first folder if there is an unwatched episode

TV Show(first folder), Season(second folder)…


Totally helps thanks!