Watched movies wont sync on iPad Air

My watched movies and TV shows sync on my ATV 4K and my iphone X but they wont sync on my iPad Air. ICloud is turned on. I have tried deleting the metadata and updating again and all the movies and tv shows update, but none of them are showing as watched.

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You could use Trakt to sync your collection and watched status

Thanks. Yes I could but the iCloud setting is supposed to work and it does on two of my devices, hence why I was asking the question.

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The problem is still actual. I’ve found a similar request here.

I did a search before my initial post and didn’t find anything I didn’t realise this bug/problem was still an ongoing issue.

Many thanks

Are you signed into Trakt on any of your devices? If signed into Trakt on some devices, but not others you may see inconsistent watched statuses.

No James, I did setup an account but then I signed out on the ATV 4K and I never signed in on the iPhone or iPad

Also, just to confirm…can you check to ensure you are logged into the same Apple ID on all devices, with iCloud Drive enabled (this is different than Infuse’s iCloud Sync option).

More info on the requirements for iCloud Sync can be found here.

Yes it was on across the devices. I seem to have cured it by deleting the metadata on all devices including the ATV 4K and letting it rebuild. It was a chore going through over 800 movies and collections and setting the watched status back to seen but 1 hr later they all seem to be syncing okay. I had turned Trakt on for all devices first and it made no difference so I left it on and deleted the metadata. The iPad Air was the last device I had added into the device list when I had issues.

Ok great.

If you see any strangeness in the future, please drop us a note from the problematic device and we can look further into what is going on.

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