Watched movies keep reappearing in Up next list as "in-progress"

Happens all the time for me. I finish a movie and it’s flagged as “watched” and gone from the Up next view.
Next time I start ATV it’s suddenly there again, although still flagged as watched.
If I start to play it will play from the beginning.

Very annoying indeed…


Same here. Finished Movies and TV Shows should be removed from “in-progress” section.

The Up Next List is synced via iCloud, so there may be a short delay before changes from other device are synced over.

Hi James, it is not a sync issue.
If a movie is completely watched and is marked as watched, it stays in the up next list.

I watched two movies from the beginning until the very end on my apple tv, but both movies are still in the up next list.

The same happens for TV Shows, where all episodes are watched.

Yes, there doesn’t seem to be any relationship between watched status and the next up list for Movies and TV Shows.
IOW it’s not a next up list at all.

It’s been like that since it was introduced.
The only sane thing to do is to turn it off.