Watched information missing ( ? )

I found Infuse (free) yesterday, and immediately installed it. Was amazed from the nice UI and the overall smoothness, however I am still missing a few things; I am wondering if I am not looking at the right places, or if they are generally missing.

The most important thing (which is the main reason I still have an ATV2 with Firecore media player) is watched status. I haven’t found any indication of this in my series episodes. I tried adding a account, and even uninstalled the free version and bought the pro version to make sure it’s not something there. Still no visual indication if an episode is seen or not (I do get the trakt rate icon).

I also do not get the option to resume watching an episode if playback is stopped for whatever reason.

Are those missing, based on an option, or am I just blind?

Thank you in advance!

In Version 4.1

As was mentioned, adding display of the watched status in the GUI is planned for 4.1.

In the current release if you have logged into the watched status is being updated behind the scenes. One useful ‘trick’ for TV episodes is that when you go into a season you will find that the details shown will be for the first unwatched episode and pressing the trackpad will start playing it. Once you have watched an episode the easiest way to get the next one is to back out of the season and come back in and now the next episode will be the one shown and ready to play. Not sure if this behaviour is by design or accidental but I find it convenient.

Very good to know it’s in the works – it will make a huge difference in experience :slight_smile: (at least, for me).

Thanks for the tip - not very convenient, but it should work for now! Any ideas when 4.1 is scheduled for ?

Hi, I’m new to Infuse and still testing the free version before investing in Pro. I learned that ‘Watched/Unwatched’ status info will come with version 4.1 (included with free version, I guess?). Anyway, one question: Will I need a trakt account to take advantage of this status feature? Or is this relevant only for synchronization of the status across multiple devices? Sorry guys if this might sound like a dumb question, but I’m totally new to this whole thing.

At the moment this uses a (free) account. If you have the Pro version you also get synchronisation across multiple devices. Having said that I am not sure if the account is necessary if you have no other device - but since it is free is that an issue? There has been some discussion about whether at some point synchronisation across devices via iCloud might also work but it is definitely not in the current releases.

Thank you, itimpi, for your quick reply. :slight_smile: I understand that a account is needed to see watched/unwatched status. I don’t need sync, because I’m not planning to watch on iDevices. My only issue about would be that I generally want to reduce the number of online accounts rather than increase it. :wink:

However, as Audionymous stated, status info will be “coming with 4.1”. In that case, would this make obsolete, anyway? I’d be happy if someone would clarify this for me. Thank you, guys.

Watched statuses will be available on a single device for all users (both free and Pro) without the need of a trakt account.

For Pro users, trakt can be used to synced watched history and progress between multiple devices. This means you can start a movie on one Apple TV, and then finish it in a different room, or on your iPhone/iPad.

Pro also adds a number of other things like support for more video formats, Dolby/DTS audio, and AirPlay/Google Cast on iOS devices - it’s generally just a good thing to have. :wink: