Watched Indicators

Is there a way to mark an entire folder or season of a show as watched? I have not been able to find a way to do this and I’m not sure what sense it makes to include watched indicators without such a feature.

I just added a share with hundreds of movies and TV shows and they have all defaulted to unwatched. I don’t want to change them all individually so right now the only option is to turn the indicators off.

This is wonderful software but I must say that I don’t understand why such a simple feature has been left out for so long.

One way around it would be to use , mark your movies as watched, use your login credentials on your Apple TV and it will sync back from the website.

That’s how I keep my 2x AppleTVs synched at home. I mark a movie as watched in the living room and replicates that back to the one in the bedroom.

Tried that and it worked great. Thank you!