Watched Indicators not working properly in Folders View

Most Watched Indicators in Folders View are missing. The progress bar is missing, as well as the triangle in the case of unwatched series. Also, most series folders do not have the option to change the watched status when long-pressing the series folder.

Long-pressing a series folder can lead to either of two results:

  1. This list of options: Mark as Watched (or Unwatched), Trailers, Playlists, Collections, Cancel


  1. This list of options: Use Local Metadata, Cancel

This all seems random, with no correlation to the series status. The good news is that drilling down to individuals episodes gives the correct results. But why don’t the indicators work properly?

I’ve seen cases where when you have episodes in the series folder without being in the correct season folder it can hose up the watched indicators.

You might want to look through one of the series that isn’t correct and make sure all episodes are in a season folder and that it’s the correct season.

I’ve checked. All season folders and episodes are in their correct places.

Which of the lists I noted above is the correct one that should appear with a long-press of a Series folder?

If I attempt a repair by going into Settings and turn Watched Indicators off and then back on, will I lose the Watched status for everything?

Could you show a screen cap of the file names and folder structures for those two?

If you prefer you can pm them to me.

Also, for Justified, is the series folder name the exact same as the file name meaning is the episode name “Justified 2010 S01E01…” and the series folder “Justified 2010”?

And are all the file names for the series the same including the year? Like all episode file names should start with “Justified 2010 S0…”.

Looks like you nailed it! Most of my TV episodes do not have the year in the file name. I added the years to the two Justified series and – voila! – the indicators now work.

I have a lot of renaming to do. Fortunately, I use a free utility called, well – ReNamer, which helps a lot for bulk changes like this.

I had no idea the year was required in TV episode file names. Thank you so much for your superspeed help!

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It isn’t necessarily, but I’ll always include them because its a very good additional data point to help ensure correct matching when identifying titles via the TMDB API.

And if you include it in the series title folder name, you should also include it in the episode names. Or vice-versa, since I suspect it’s the episode names which matter most.

Oddly, it’s more of having the identical name for the series folder and episodes. If I remember correctly when I was battling this demon before it also worked if you deleted the year on everything too but that can cause other problems with similar named series.

I just standardized on having the year on everything and so far so good. :wink: Glad you got it running again. :+1:

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