Watched indicators not syncing to iCloud

I reset my Apple TV in an unsuccessful attempt to fix my issue with HDR playback. My data redownloaded from iCloud just fine apart from my watched indicators…those are gone.

Did you check to make sure you’re back to the pro version after the reset?

Also, did you just launch infuse and let it do all the work itself by syncing with icloud or did you add the shares manually?

  1. Yes.
  2. I just launched Infuse and let it do all the work itself.

To ensure iCloud is able to work between devices, there are a few things to check.

  1. Logged into the same Apple ID on all devices
  2. iCloud Drive enabled on all devices (details here)
  3. iCloud Sync enabled in Infuse > Settings
  4. Some free iCloud storage (details here)
  5. Pro logo is visible in Infuse > Settings on all devices

Note: It’s possible to login using separate IDs for iCloud and the App Store. To use iCloud Sync you will need to use the same ID for iCloud on all devices. The App Store IDs can be different, if needed.

Note 2: On Apple TV, it’s possible to have multiple user profiles set up with different Apple IDs. To use iCloud Sync, you will need to ensure the main (default) profile is set up with the correct Apple ID.

Additional info on using iCloud Sync in Infuse can be found here.