Watched Indicators are actually “Unwatched” Indicators. Why?

I’d rather mark things that I’ve watched. Most of my collection (95% probably) is unwatched. Everything starts that way. I don’t need all those orange corners covering up my icons for stuff I haven’t yet seen.

If I’ve already seen something, I’ll mind less if you cover the artwork. Can we get a toggle preference to permit a more sensical use of watched indicators … by marking only the items we’ve actually watched?


I 100% agree. Seems to me that it’s like a checklist, you don’t mark anything until you finish it. I would much rather see a pristine poster for unwatched and a “Check Mark” orange corner for watched.

Also for the “in progress” orange bar at the bottom should start blank and increase from left to right across the poster till it’s almost full when the show is almost complete.


For me it is the opposite. 95% is watched. So maybe have a setting to toggle between them.


Absolutely. Never a great idea to arbitrarily reverse a UI that many users are currently accustomed with; especially if opinions vary on which is the more useful implementation.

I agree this change should be enabled through a settings toggle.

Exactly. :+1:t3:

Replying again after noting that it seems we both prefer to see as few of the (un)watched indicators as necessary for them to serve their purpose … which indicates to me we’d all rather see more of our artwork and fewer bright orange corners.

Perhaps the indicators themselves need to be more subtle, no matter how we choose to use them. As they are now, as much as I’d like to utilize them, I have them disabled because they are far too distracting. Visually locating un-marked items in the sea of brightly marked ones (that appear when I turn on the feature) is surprisingly difficult.

I am in for no banner for unwatched and a banner to indicate watched.

Have not thought it though, but perhaps there is a completely differently way to separate out the watched from the unwatched. Any ideas?

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Thanks for the feedback here.

The thought behind the orange triangles is it draws attention to items that have not yet been watched, allowing you to locate these items at a glance.

I understand the checklist approach, but IMHO reversing this behavior would make it much harder to locate unwatched items.

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Except, for some of us, it would do exactly the opposite.

I understand you wouldn’t want to change the default behavior (though the feature’s name — “Watched Indicators” — is clearly wrong :slight_smile:), and I’m certainly not asking you to. But I would appreciate the addition of the choice to instead “highlight unwatched”. The only other current alternative for me is turning them off entirely, which, it bothers me, I’ve had to do.

Thanks for your response! Blue skies!

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