Watched indicator

Am i the only one here with watched indicator issue? Videos ive already watched and marked watched eventually became not watched at all and have minutes left to play. Note: this is not happening to all videos but for some and its random. Please is there a fix for this? Is this something to do with trakt?


Where do you see this? Directly on the show episode or movie they don’t show the “played” icon or are you referring to the Up Next List from the Home Screen?

Are you using Jellyfin?

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I am noticing the same. I am on jellyfin + infuse in library mode

Yea, I’m fairly certain this is a Jellyfin regression. I keep on getting episodes watched 99.99% but they’re marked as “in progress”. So Infuse displays them as well.

Marking them unwatched and watched again works. I wonder if there’s a way to force mark something as watched without it being scrobbled to Trakt?

On my screenshot. Im now on episode 7, you can see the watched indicator is halfway while episodes 3 and 4 still have the indicator which means it’s not done yet. On trakt app it’s already marked watched. Back to infuse app, when i mark watch those 2 episodes manually it will reflect in trakt app as 2 plays. The most annoying thing is when i open that series to continue watching, the selection brings me back to the previous episode which i already done watching and not to the current episode where i left. That issue shows up if i close the infuse app and when you open it again, those done episodes already marked as unwatched

No, im not using jellyfin. I just connected my trakt app account to my infuse app.

Im not using jellyfin. Trakt app and infuse only and icloud sync

Im not using jellyfin. Yeah marking them manually works but it only shows app when you close the infuse app and open it again. So if you watched 30 episodes a day and stopped and open it again to continue watching and suddenly 25 episodes marked as unwatched you need to marked those 25 episodes manually again.