Watched indicator

hi all,

I have 2 Apple TV… one upstairs, one downstairs. I have a problem with the watched indicators, in that they never sync properly. I have a series that I watch downstairs, if I open the same series upstairs, the watched indicators don’t match.

my iCloud sync is on.

anyone else has that issue? any help?

What version of Infuse is on each?

Are both ATVs signed into the same iCloud account?

Both have to be the primary account on the ATV also.

both are version 7.3.10. I only have one account on my ATV…

When you go to the settings screen, do both show the “Pro” after infuse on the left hand side under the logo?

yes they both show pro. I’ve just double checked. does Trakt tv have anything to do with it? I don’t think so but just to make sure…

I don’t think so but I don’t use Trakt so I can’t say for sure.

When you launch Infuse and go to the Library settings page you can watch the messages on the left where Infuse scans your library and then after a few other tasks starts an iCloud Sync. Have you watched this process until it comes up with a “Last Updated…” message? I’d watch it on both to make sure.

I don’t use library scans. It’s never worked good for me with all the languages in my folders.

If you go to the settings page for Library is still should show you the status.

Thanks for helping btw.

Ive just checked and it was syncing both places to today. I did a test on one Apple TV on a show and put it as watched and checked the other and they don’t sync.

Is it supposed to be instantaneous?

Anyways the rest of the series didn’t sync as well.

It’s not instantaneous, since it needs to run the routine to check for changes but it should be fairly quick. I have had it take an hour or so when I’ve had the ATV doing many things. It’s usually faster than that, often 5 - 10 minutes or less and yes, sometimes even nearly instantaneous. :wink:

One thing that does help is to make sure you have background syncing enabled on the ATVs and if you can make Infuse the only app to use it. That will give Infuse a chance at faster updates and when the ATV allows additional background syncing.

I have gone to the library settings page right after watching a show and it’s doing the iCloud sync and I’ve checked one of the other ATVs and it shows the correct watched status so it’s focused on when Infuse gets to do a iCloud sync.

Background sync is on.

Even with infuse sync saying they are synced as of tonight, I have a show that has season 1 completely Unwatched on one Atv and same season 1 watched on the other atv

There’s something wrong for sure.

It won’t go back and sync watched status for shows before the syncing started. You may have to catch up what’s different and from there on out it should keep up. There were a few recent Infuse updates that if you had one device on the older and another device on the newer they couldn’t sync to each other do to changes in the update.

Since you’re seeing things apparently working for things now, I’d give it a while and see if it continues to work for things watched from here on.