Watched indicator/TrakTV

Should watching a TV Show on my iPad via inFuse update TrakTV in the same way that it does when watched on the ATV2?   If so something is going wrong as this is not working for me.   I have two ATV2’s and TrakTV nicely keeps them in sync with what has been watched.   However watching a TV episode on inFuse on my iPad does not seem to update the watched status on TrakTV in the same way.   Not sure if this is an issue with the interfacing to TrakTV, or a difference in the way the two variants of inFuse recognise TV shows from their filename.  

Related to this, is it intended that the iOS version of inFuse should have watched indicators as I currently do not see any?

Yes, watching contnet in the iOS version should cause it to be marked as watched on the Apple TV. However, the syncing action of the Apple TV may lag a bit behind what is shown on the trakt site.

Watched indicators were added in 2.0, and these will be shown in 2 places. On the details ticket, and in the large fanart area of the home screen.