Watched indicator does not get updated for in progress shows/movies when added to history on

When watching something in Infuse on iOS and stopping playback you see the progress indicator change to your current position in the file. If you now continue watching somewhere else and add the episode/movie to your history on that indicator does not change to watched. It stays on the last position since stopping playback and has to be marked as unwatched in Infuse and readded either through the app or on the site (if there is no progress saved then Infuse recognizes something as seen if checked in on

Is there a page on that shows current playback positions and has a correct way to mark them as seen? Or is this a problem in Infuse?

Are you using Infuse Pro on all your devices?

Scrobbling (sending watched positions) is available in the free version, but syncing those saved position to other devices is only available with Infuse Pro.

Hi James,

yes the interaction between Infuse Pro on my iPad and iPhone works very well. But when I go on and mark something as seen in my browser, the progress indicator does not change. Unwatched to watched works. Minute x to watched does not work.

One other thing to keep in mind is that trakt will normally update when opening the app. You can also force a refresh by dragging down the poster view.