Watched Icons Not Showing On Album Art

I’m logged in to Trakt but the normal circle indicators in the upper right corner of the album arts are not showing. I can set things as watched/unwatched, but there is no visual indicator when browsing media if a file has been watched or not until you actually go into that show/season.

In all V7 they switched to an indicator in bottom of the picture. It is a bar that show advancement and seeks/unseen

I don’t like it a lot. It seems less visual as the circle but less intrusive in the picture.

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I see it now. It’s SO dark though I would have never known to look for it. Almost like it’s translucent. I preferred the more pronounce circle.

We’re still working through some ideas on the watched icons, so there will definitely be some changes before the final release.

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Today’s beta 5 update includes an updated watch icon overlay.

Still needs a few tweaks, but it should be more useful.

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Definitely more visible and similar to the existing v6 icons. I noticed it’s an all or nothing though for the corner icons. Once you start watching a file, the old new design appears hidden behind the Season number and the icon in the corner disappears.

If the goal is to transition to a new design and get away from the corner icons, I think making the progress bar more pronounced at the bottom would help a lot. Placeing it below the Season number and outside of the semi-transparent gray background would increase visibility. (This is in regards to the tile view. List view it’s more visible).

The current season overlays will be going away, and be replaced with something new. :slight_smile:

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