Watched and Unwatched indicator

Watching movies on the ATV correctly sets the “watched” flag on the videos, and the “play” icon dissappears.  But when I use the library features to view “watched” and “unwatched”, I get all the videos, regardless of status.

What am I doing incorrectly?


The watched/unwatched options currently only work while in List View, but adding support for Grid View is something we’re working on.

is there a way to set all the episodes of a show as seen?

Over 5 years since this post. Any chance watched/unwatched indicators will be implemented in grid view on iPhone and iPad? Since it works in tvOS it doesn’t seem like a giant leap to add it to the iOS version.

The reason for the delay is you posted in the ATV Flash forum for the second generation Apple TV. Not Infuse for ios. You may want to post in the Infuse general suggestions forum here Suggestions - Firecore or in the Infuse iOS forum here iPhone & iPad - Firecore