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Hi all:

Newbie here. I have a few questions regarding watch status sync between different apps and services. I usually watch my movie via Infuse and sometimes using the original Plex app. Watched history is synced between these without any issues. However, I’ve registered a free trakt account and linked trakt with ATV Infuse but it seems like trakt cannot retrieve watched history from Infuse at all. I don’t have a Plex Pass so trakt is not synced with Plex at all.

I understand that in Pro v6, trakt is not a requirement anymore since we have iCloud sync and I believe this is the reason in the iOS version of Infuse, we don’t have the option to link to trakt, only in the ATV Infuse we kept that option. I hope there is a way to resume the communication between Infuse and Trakt.

Any help and suggestion are highly appreciated. Thanks

Sorry for the confusion.

When logged into Trakt, details about the items you watch in Infuse will sync to Trakt. However, Infuse will use Plex as the sole source of watched history, any other watched info from Trakt will not be visible in Infuse.

Hi James:

Thanks for your reply. Let me clarify my situation. You mention that “When logged into Trakt, details about the items you watch in Infuse will sync to Trakt”. This is the part I got stuck as for some reason, Infuse does not sync my watched history to Trakt. When I logged on Trakt, it does not reflect all those movies I marked as watched in history.

I do notice one thing, if I mark a movie as watched on Infuse TVOS version, it is somehow marked correctly in Trakt. If I marked the same movie as watched on iOS, then in fuse TVOS, it shows as “watched” but this change will not sync to Trakt. I hope this can help better isolate the problem.

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