Watch status sync not working

Not sure if it’s Trakt or iCloud sync that’s causing the problems since I have both enabled, but my watch status and watched progress is totally messed up across all devices. Tried deleting the apps, setting everything up from scratch, etc. Tried using only iCloud sync with Trakt disabled, and vice versa. Nothing seems to fix it.

It may help to tell the Infuse version number and also the OS versions of the devices you’re having problems with.

There have been several changes in both recently and knowing the actual version helps.

When you go to the Settings > Library, what does it say for iCloud sync and when the last updated for syncing your library?

All devices are on iOS 16/tvOS 16. Infuse is up to date on all devices, so whatever version that is.

iCloud last sync time ranges on each device, but all of them consistently stay within 30 minutes to an hour out-of-date. So basically, an attempt at forced iCloud sync fails on all devices.

Since there’s been a recent update to Infuse and devices sometimes lag in installing them could you verify the versions?

So are you getting the iCloud sync “Failed” message or just a time that is slightly behind ?

They’re up to date. I’ve checked.

The iCloud sync doesn’t have a “failed” message. But for example, it’s 11:47, last iCloud sync will show 11:05 or something. I’ll click the button to sync it, and then it finishes and still says “last sync 11:05”. So it’s not actually syncing.

I’m pretty sure there’s no such version numbers as that. :wink:

Good grief, since version number seems to be the hill everyone wants to die on conversationally, it’s 7.4.5…the latest version.

Can you describe what you are seeing, exactly?

Are all devices logged into the same Trakt account?

Does logging out of Trakt make a difference in what you are seeing?

There are also a few troubleshooting steps for iCloud you can check in the guide below, to ensure iCloud is working properly on each device.

All devices are logged into the same Trakt account. All devices are logged into the same iCloud account. The problem is, the watched status is not aligned across devices. A forced iCloud sync doesn’t work either, as after it finishes updating iCloud via a forced sync, it still has a time stamp anywhere from a few minutes to 20-30 minutes out of date.

I “fixed” it, via nuking my entire Infuse setup from orbit on every device, and starting from scratch. Also killed my Trakt account and created a new one.

Oh well, I guess.

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Lol, someone really marked my post of “just delete everything and start over from scratch” as a “Solution” to this problem…

If you post that you fixed your problem then did it not solve your problem? Sometimes it takes the complete restart to cure issues.

I mean sure it “fixed” my problem. Deleting the Infuse app entirely and switching to an alternative, or throwing my phone off a cliff into the ocean would have also “fixed” my problem though. I guess I just expected better from a paid app that maybe an actual solution to the underlying issue could be determined.

My bad, I didn’t realize the “bar for quality” was literally just sitting on the ground.

I’m sorry you took it that way. Often things do get so corrupted either through a fouled updated of either the app or the OS that starting over is about the only thing that works.

Once you delete everything it’s nearly impossible to troubleshoot what may have been the cause. If it starts occurring again then maybe we can dig into it a bit more and figure it out. Please realize that your problem isn’t a wide spread issue and without multiple users experiencing the same it’s difficult to track down the cause.

Also please remember this is a user supported forum and those helping are usually speaking from past experiences. They are just trying to help.

We don’t have the luxury of being able to see first hand what you are experiencing or knowing what you have and have not tried to solve your problem so we have to ask what seem to be detailed questions.

For example, you say things aren’t syncing right away but not if they sync after period of time, and if so, how long is it taking?

Again, if it starts happening again, try to bare with the questions so we get a better idea of what you are experiencing.