Watch status not syncing between devices


Maybe someone can help me on this. I’ve got two Apple TV version 4 devices, one if them is a 4K model and the other a 1080p model. They used to sync the watched status of all shows and movies, but at some point in time they stopped doing so, I think after an upgrade.

This means that when I watch a show in one of the devices and then go to the other device, the watch status is not replicated in the other device (i.e. episode marked as unwatched in one device when I already watched it in the other device, or cannot continue a partial watch from one device in the other). The share and the favorites point to the same computer and folders.

Maybe there’s something that can be done.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have you checked to make sure that iCloud sync is turned on for both copies of Infuse? Also, verify that they both are signed into the same iCloud account?

Thanks, NC Bullseye, for the fast response. Actually I turned iCloud sync offbacause it took too long to finish syncing. I didn’t think it would affect syncing between devices. I’ll turn it on again in both devices and will see how it goes. Probably this is the issue…


Yup, Infuse does the watched status syncing through iCloud. It may take a bit the first time or two for iCloud sync to complete but after that it’s pretty quick. Let it complete a sync before you check things.

Don’t forget, they have to be signed into the same iCloud account too.

Edit to add: I forget to give you this link. iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore

It shows what info is synced to iCloud.

Awesome, NC Bullseye! Thanks!

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