Watch ripped movies without laptop acting as shared server

Currently I have movies on my laptop and I stream them by using xbmc on appleTV, but my computer has to remain on for that. Is there anyway I can save the movies in appleTV and not have my computer running all the time? If so how do I go about doing it? Please be specific as to which tab I need to go click and all thanks  

The AppleTV2 has very little onboard storage. You’ll have to keep a machine running for it to stream from.

but is it possible to transfer movies/videos to the aTV G2 ? even if it only has 8gs? 

It IS possible, but there is only room for 1 (or perhaps 2) movies before you would have to start deleting them before you could out another one on.

i only need to put 5 small ( 300mb ) videos files, so i should fit. But how do i actully transfer the video ? via wifi, but how…


what will the ftp path be? Can the memory be expanded?

No, the storage space can’t be expanded. As to FTP path, I don’t know, I don’t traverse the filesystem for anything except putting addons into it. FTP into it and see what the directory structure looks like.