Watch progress out of sync, When there are many files in the media library

I have turned on the synchronization of iCloud. When I watch a TV series S01E05 15:30 on Mac or apple tv, and then switch to watch on my iphone, the playback progress will not be synchronized, and it will be played from the very beginning. Some Sometimes it will even start from S01E04, which bothers me a lot.

Is it because there are too many files in my media library? When I open infuse, it always shows a circle loading.

The synchronization of playback progress should be the highest priority, because unless I finish watching a series, I usually continue playing in the recently watched option.

You have to wait until both the first device has completed an icloud sync after watching a partial video and then when you launch the next device you have to wait until the icloud sync is complete to get the watched status correct.

Also there is a problem with icloud background syncing so you may want to follow this thread also.

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Background playback progress synchronization often fails. Is there a way to manually synchronize?

On the library page you have “Scan For Changes” which looks for new content and gets new metadata, then there’s “Refresh Metadata” which will check ALL metadata for new info, and finally there’s Sync With iCloud…" that you can click on and do a iCloud sync and also shows the time and date of the last iCloud sync.

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