Watch Party Feature- Sync Like Prime/Disney Watch Party

These days, me and my friends watch movies remotely (not only due to covid but since we’re scattered in different places), so I generally do an Infuse Stream using discord while everyone else is on the call. Few issues with this,

  1. If the movie is on cloud drive, have to simultaneously download/upload movie stream.
  2. Infuse+Discord is unreliable when it comes to streaming, as sometimes there are audio/subtitles lags or frames dropping, despite the network being good enough.
  3. My friends also own the movie, but they’re forced to watch 720p 30fps, on Discord without Nitro or server boosts.

They all have infuse either on their iPhones, Macs or iPads and own the movie. It would be great, if there was a stay in sync feature with one user controlling pause and play for everyone. Don’t need chat, or audio calls, just syncing and being able to watch together would be great.

I understand there could be few challenges in this, like what if movie files are different (length for example due to regional differences, or start point is different again due to regional certificate requirements etc.) Some potential solutions for those on top of my head,

  1. It is onus of the user to make sure the movies and the files are same.
  2. While the sync feature is controlled by one user/master, the start points should be able to be modified at the beginning if there are any time differences.

I’d also assume this would probably be featured as a pro feature. It would be great if just the main controller/master is asked to be a pro user and not everyone, else that might make it difficult. Let me know what everyone thinks regarding this, and anything I might’ve not thought about.


Edit: Looks like Apple now provides an API, “SharePlay” for the same. Hopefully the API makes it relatively easy for you guys to implement the watch party feature, fingers crossed.


It’ll probably be like the tv app and restricted to content that can be streamed from a central location (content provider CDN).

Created feature request to consolidate this here -

This thread is already active so let’s keep it here.

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Given this will be an API apply exposes to developers soon, creating a topic for Infuse Devs and community members to vote on if they feel this is a good addition.

SharePlay: Watch together

Bring movies and TV shows into your FaceTime calls and enjoy a rich, real-time connection with your friends while watching the same content.

HBO max, Disney+, Hulu, Twitch, Tiktok were all on the graphic displayed as supporting it.

Seems like more info is shared for developers on Day 3

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How would this feature supposedly work in Infuse? Would it be necessary for every user to have the exact same video file in their infuse library?

Not only would they need to have the same video but it would need to probably be the exact same ripped version (file size etc). I’m going to guess there might also be restrictions on what audio/video codecs can be used.

I have little understanding of the technical details so I appreciate your guess! It’s stricter than I imagined but the possibility of SharePlay in Infuse is still very exciting to me.