Watch partially downloaded content, with download still in progress

If I start a download (using cURL) to my external HDD, I’d like to be able to immediately start playing the content over SMB while the download is still ongoing. I understand this wouldn’t be possible if the download speed isn’t as fast as the playback bitrate, but it definitely is (~80Mb/s download speed vs an avg of 20Mb/s playback bitrate).

I notice that whenever I start playing the content from Infuse over SMB, it will stop playing when it gets to the point in the video that was downloaded when I started playback.

e.g. If I have 200MB downloaded when I start playback, the video will stop playing after it has played 200MB of data (even though another 500MB were downloaded while that playback was happening).

Is what I’m requesting currently possible? If not, this would be a great feature.



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Moving to suggestions for now. Thanks!

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